Friday, 18 March 2011

Ideas, ideas and more ideas...

I often find that my head is completely full of ideas. Admittedly some of them don't amount to much (so much so that I can't even blog about some of them, even by my lax standards an explanation of the 'toilet quietener' would be a step too far, don't panic G Kisby).
And more often than not I have an idea but don't end up taking it anywhere (ah my inability to finish anything & low boredom threshold are so self debilitating).

But none the less the ideas are there. I mentioned this at some point to my sister in law Janet who was lovely enough to remember and bought me this book for Christmas( for other nice books too)
Bright idea
I have since used it to write down my ideas, if nothing else making my head feel a little less full.
So ones such as the coat hanger storage device (how many people store coat hangers in a plastic bag and how annoying is it to try and get one out) and a hot water bottle shaped especially for use during labour (you use one for period pains, thinking the heat may be useful?) are all there, no doubt collecting dust for years to come.

However, I have also used the book to write down all the 'hobbies' or things I would like to do this year. Going back to my philosophical moment a few weeks ago I find it quite cathartic to write down these things (control freak? If I cannot control feeding patterns nowadays I must control something else?)
So currently I have:
Learn to knit and help Mum make a blanket for Mabel (job done, I am now looking for a pattern for a dress)
Use my sewing machine to start dress making
Make a mini film of Mabel's entrance into the world (not the labour itself you realise, have got the film clips and G Kisby bought me an editing package for my birthday)
Keep learning to play the piano
Grow loads more of our own vegetables
Keep writing (and improving) a blog

A website gave me some food for thought this morning, obviously since Mabel has been born my ideas have turned to baby products. I really like the concept of a website selling items created by those who know most what is required when having children.

And it is Friday - woooo! The wine is in the fridge cooling, the glasses are on the side waiting (does that sound a bit desperate) and I am just looking for something we can do tomorrow as a family out in the countryside. Enjoy...

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