Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The many uses for olive oil...

I took Mabel to be weighed yesterday and she was a good 9.9lbs (no wonder she can't move her toes in some of her babygrows). Think we can probably now say she is feeding well and that regular weight gain isn't a concern. Although does that mean it is time to start thinking of my weight loss - since if so then I think I need to carry on eating for 2 for the time being...just in case (how many times do I need to pull on those skinny jeans to still find they won't go over my thighs?)

We also asked what to do with the very dry skin on her head, one side of which seems a little red and rash like. She has shown signs of sensitive skin since birth (just one extra sensitive wipe on her bum led to that major nappy rash). Apparently with sensitive babies the rash can be caused even by being held by different people who perhaps have perfume on or use different fabric conditioners etc. Poor Mabes, is it wrong to ban her being passed around? Anyway the answer is olive oil, which we were already using on her legs and arms. Now when I kiss her head I get a nice olive oil lip balm. No need for anything in her bath or on her bum for the time being.
Anyway, yesterday I had left the small basic bottle of olive oil upstairs so nipped to the kitchen to grab some more. Left it next to the changing mat only for G Kisby to shout through, "wo there, using the extra virgin, don't think that's necessary" - so much for only the best for our baby.

I forgot to mention that he did get a smile on Sunday, his first one, in response to a kiss on the forehead. Thank god, it was being seriously contested that I had ever had one (apparently Al was not a valid witness)

I'll post an update on the new night time regime, sorry routine, we are trying tomorrow. It is going well so far but don't want to tempt fate....

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  1. are you using sensitive washing powder too? For our (rashy) kids the regular 'sensitive' fairy malarky wasn't sensitive enough - the one that worked best was in a pink packet and called filetti I think.
    The other one that's still ok for GB is ecover. No conditiner at all.

    Remember to look out for Oilatum too - you can get bath milk as well as cream - all good for excema.

    Like the new pictures! fee x


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