Thursday, 31 March 2011

The vintage jewellery box - part two

'The Lost Ballerina'

Many years ago, in a suburb of South Manchester, lived a little girl called Nelly.

Nelly liked to laugh and loved to play.
She had many toys, one of which was a 1980's style cream jewellery box containing a tiny ballerina who danced to her own tune.
Nelly would leave her most treasured possessions for the ballerina to watch over, including a random collection of china animals, brownie badges that for some reason never made it onto her uniform and other special trinkets.

For years the ballerina, a confident lady with a great sense of style (this being the 80's she had a tutu and legwarmers) danced happily in her box whenever anyone came to visit.

But the visits became less frequent and over time the ballerina's tutu gathered dust, she gained a little weight from comfort eating and her choice of clothes started to just look wrong (always the way with the 80's).
Nelly had grown up and no longer wanted to play with her jewellery box. Eventually the ballerina, in her outdated box, was packed away in the dark.

Then one day, some years later, the ballerina was woken one morning to the sound of voices and movement. She jumped to her feet just in time as the box lid was opened and her world was flooded with light once more. She quickly showed off her best dance moves, albeit slightly self consciously, in the hope that she could be loved once more.

It seemed to work and over the next few days her box had a full makeover. Apparently her clothes did not need much updating since they were back in fashion - who'd have thought the 80's would ever return. She was ready to guard over treasures once again.

And this time they were to be no ordinary treasures. This time they would be the treasures of a new little girl, one who was so special and kind and would love her forever (or at least until she herself had children). Nelly had given the ballerina and her world to a little girl called Mabel.

"This is all yours now my gorgeous girl. I hope it is filled with magical things for years to come" xxx


  1. Love the post and the revamp, artsy just like your sis. Beautiful, now your lil gal just needs some trinkets to fill it! x


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