Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers day delights!

So Mother's Day has new meaning this year and despite my protestations that it is a commercial enterprise I was secretly pretty pleased when G Kisby produced a small bag laden with carefully wrapped gifts this morning.

I also received a beautiful card which I had to read through quickly so as not to cry (I'll save it and read properly on my own at some point).

G Kisby is great at choosing gifts for me (this has not always been the case I hasten to add, there was the 'christmas jumper' of 1999 which was so horrendous that I completely forgot to maintain any tact and blurted out, "please never buy me clothes again, ever." It took nearly 8 years for him to forgive me that comment and make another attempt, which was a big success).

See below for a couple of the beautiful ceramic buttons I received, made by Karen Turner at Hodgepodge Arts
Love came calling, A handmade ceramic sew on button

What a lovely start to the day!!!


  1. serious button envy!
    (good work G those brownie points for later)
    have a loveyl day you mother you. I haven't got any kids here - v weird. Cleggy and i are finding it v hard to relax and seeking out a list!
    fee x

  2. Happy first Mother's Day, hope it's exceeded expectations, being a mother in itself is worth all the hard work but it's nice to get some tangible recognition (as well as the eventual hugs, kisses and verbal thanks as they grow up). Enjoy, it's the first of many! x

  3. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Those buttons are sooo cute! :) x


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