Monday, 18 April 2011

Pelvic floor lesson!

O oh, the lack of pelvic flaw (yes I know it is meant to be 'floor') exercises came back to haunt me this week.

I am well aware I should have been doing them for months prior to baby and also now continuing afterwards but lets face it they are annoying to do and easy to forget.
I'm not getting to see the results, like I would a toned stomach or lovely defined arms
I have to really concentrate on getting them right or find I have slipped into the easier option of clenching my bum cheeks and passing it off as a good 20 tenses
In some positions I swear I can't work out if I am doing them at all (a worry)
A week goes by and I remember I haven't done them...again

A very thoughtful friend sent over some bitesized 'Mabel friendly' yoga clips - you see where this is going. On one particular move (I'll save you the details, I'm sure you can imagine) I was trying to hold the pose (leg muscles starting to shake, willing the instructor to tell me to move on, breathing resembling that of labour more than the controlled way I think he was suggesting) when I coughed...and only just managed to stop the worst happening! Oh my God!

So I'll be getting right on with them this week then!

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