Monday, 4 April 2011

I love a good museum!

On Friday we decided to spend the last day of G Kisby's holiday on a trip to York, primarily to visit the Castle Museum. Yes Mabel is too young to appreciate a museum but it was all about practising for when she is old enough (and also very much for our own enjoyment).

Since having Mabel I feel like I have changed in lots of ways, most of them positive.
I am more sympathetic, sensitive and considered (o.k maybe not the last one but I would like to be...if that counts?) However, there are a couple of changes I'd prefer to ignore and one of them very much came into play as we got ready to leave the house.

I have previously been caught asking G Kisby to, "turn that tv off if you're not watching it" and on this morning I actually said, as he put on a fashion brogue for our trip out, "are they going to be comfortable for walking around all day". What the hell, someone shoot me.
He was sympathetic to this error of judgement answering with,
"are you gonna check I've been to the toilet before we leave too". Hmmm.

I appear to have aged overnight. I think I might actually like a Honda Jazz, I've been watching Deal or No Deal religiously (a few times, though it kills me to admit it, I've added it to sky plus when out) and when G Kisby suggested a restaurant in Sheffield for us to visit on our first night out without Mabel I asked whether they did an 'early bird'.

It isn't just me either, on the way to York G Kisby actually laughed at Ken Bruce on the radio. In a bid to stop this behaviour I have bought some new trousers from Topshop that are definitely not flattering but clearly on trend.

Anyway we had a really great day out in the beautiful historic York. The museum was fab, loads of interesting exhibitions and lots of 'big' writing. I pretend to enjoy reading those small plaques filled with writing about font 6 that you get in some museums in order to appear cultured and intelligent, really I want to be with the kids in the' interactive' section lifting the flaps and doing some scratch and sniff. Aware that doesn't exactly sound right but you know what I mean. There is also a real life Victorian street with all the shops, right up my street (ha ha) and G Kisby particularly liked how camp this boy was on a children's game from yesteryear.

After spending as long as we could get away with wandering round - Mabel dozed happily in her carrier for most of it but started to get unsettled in the prison section - to be fair I was pretty scared, we went for a meander round York.

Lots of lovely shops and people watching to be had. We passed one gorgeous shop which housed pretty much every dress I have coveted throughout the whole time I was pregnant, one in particular that I just loved. G Kisby kindly suggested I, "try it on, we can splash out". The shop was between L K Bennett and Paul Smith, not sure it was the kind of splashing out that he meant (upgrading from George at Asda to Topshop say). Also, said expensive dress was not the one to buy in a size 'which will give me an incentive to lose those last few pounds', nor the type of dress which would benefit from a bit of baby sick which is just rubbed in so that 'I can get an extra wear out of it, save me doing yet another wash'.

We got back to the car with about half an hour to spare on the ticket so I sat in the front and gave her a quick feed before leaving. Turns out that is one way to stop a parking attendant pausing too long to check said ticket in the windscreen. Though I guess that probably depends on the type of parking attendant he is...

All in all, a lovely day out for us all!

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  1. cute picture!
    How much more sensible can a shoe be than a brogue???
    Honda jazz? you've got to be kidding me. Did you avoid using the volvo example to be more sensitive and consider my feelings???
    see you tomorrow
    fee ♥
    (since learning how to type hearts I feel the need to type them everywhere ♥♥♥)


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