Wednesday, 20 April 2011

12 weeks old (3 months???)

So Mabel is 12 weeks old this week (but is this actually 3 months? When do we start talking months not weeks?) and we are noticing the changes all the time now.

She can grasp her hands together and her arm movements are much more refined (as opposed to the random wailing / front crawl actions she has been doing since birth). She'll also grab a rattle or muslin now, though she needs some prompting and it takes huge concentration!

Her head is loads more stable. G Kisby tried doing an 'aeroplane' action with her at the weekend, with her lay on her tummy on his knees looking down at him. She loved it but I reckon as a new parent you only do that once with a recently fed baby! I'll just say the sick resembled a waterfall...including the splash back.

You can also have a real chat with her when she is alert, she is right on the verge of laughing. Her huge smiles do genuinely make every nappy change and night feed worth while. O.k maybe not the nights where she regresses to newborn status and gets me up every 2hrs but most nights (I joke, obviously).

I've not added nearly enough photos recently so here is our gorgeous little lady on a number of recent outings:

This is Mabel with her lovely friend Erran, happily lying on the mat together...

Until I mentioned that I really liked Erran's top and suddenly Mabel seemed to take issue...

As I post this blog G Kisby is cooking tea whilst singing along to both male and female parts of 'Endless Love' by Richie/Ross. The noise level and sheer quantity of effort he is putting in are both entertaining and slightly worrying in equal measures. Apparently, me and him need to 'lock this down' as a duet we can do together.

No...we really don't. Besides which I think he has pretty much got the female part 'locked down' all on his own.

Oh no, it's now finished and yet he is still singing it. Make it end...

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  1. hey!
    strictly speaking you wouldn't say 3 months until the date (ie: 25th April) although, personally speaking you understand, I would start saying 3 months now as whenever you say '13 weeks' you start sounding a bit like a new parent!
    I have some lovely pictures of mabes from the weekend - will endeavour to share later!
    fee ♥


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