Saturday, 9 April 2011

An ode to 'Bean'

Last weekend we travelled to Boston, Lincolnshire to visit Gary's relatives.
Mabel is incredibly lucky to have not one but two great grandmas and on this ocassion we went for lunch with great granny Bean.

There is some sort of story of how the name Bean came about but quirky title or not Bean is an absoute legend...
She still rides her bike into town, at least once a day, at the age of 83
She still lives on her own and whips up a two course lunch with 3 homemade pudding options for us coming (including 32 sausages for the 4 of us, "have another one Gary" - he takes his sixth, ' just so as not too offend' you understand)
She is so very kind, generous and thoughtful. I think she was as animated as I have ever seen her when we told her we were pregnant yet despite surely being desperate to see her new great granddaughter she didn't want us travelling 'during the winter with the dark nights, you wait till April'. She has also showered her with gifts.

As with many ladies of a certain age there were some interesting moments during the visit that make us smile, from "I hope that Camilla isn't at the wedding, she's where the trouble all started" to her delight at receiving a calendar of 'westies' in a range of settings - from in a hedge to on a beach - now we know who on earth buys such items.

But the thing that makes me smile most about Bean is her independace and frugality (we could all learn a thing or two). She will ride all over town to find a bargain and will rarely put the heating on even in winter (you can see your breath in the bathroom) - Babs assures me this absolutely isn't because she can't afford to.

There just isn't enough tabbard wearing nowadays I don't think!!!
Her complete determination to remain fit and well (she swears by olbas oil and lemon juice in water) is an inspiration.

Sadly my grandparents are no longer around so we will have to tell Mabel stories to keep their memory alive. I hope we will be visiting Granny Bean for many years to come so Mabel can learn first hand what a formidable lady she is...

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  1. lovely post...everyone should have a Bean.
    And yes, bring back the tabard! (note, one 'b')
    remember in France when I was convinced I wanted one from the market?
    My blog is lacking posts - need to get back in the swing...fee ♥


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