Sunday, 20 February 2011

What's in a name?

We are finally ready to register our baby - Mabel Agnes Bryce-Kisby.
It has taken much debate but we are finally there! We took a gamble today and went for a walk before feeding her. She was pretty much asleep as we left the house so we thought that rather than wake her she would sleep in her pram. However, for the first half of the walk she proved us wrong and screamed, which did not make for the relaxing Sunday morning we had planned and meant that we pretty much didn't talk except to chide ourselves for making the wrong decision. Luckily eventually she tired of crying and we were able to finish the walk without feeling guilty at starving our child:
Before we know it she will have grown even bigger so have photographed her gorgeous tiny feet so we can remember just how small she started out. 4 weeks ago tonight we were woken up with the start of an adventure that would completely change our feels like she has been here forever...

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