Friday, 4 February 2011

Ah the highs and lows...

After such a great night on Wednesday we were clearly giddy about our 'good' baby and looking for more of the same. Unfortunately last night someone swapped our angelic baby for one happy not to sleep - ever.

By 1 in the morning, after trying everything to appease her and feeding pretty much every half hour from tea time to no avail, with sore nipples and empty boobs, I cried. Luckily, as is pretty much always the case, I could still see the funny side and G Kisby was quick to scoop up the pesky baby for some skin to skin daddy time. Lo and behold she was asleep in about 5 minutes and happy to go into her bed - hooray. I do wonder if it was too much stimulation over tea time since the minute G Kisby's back was turned the bouncer was back out. As long as you watch that she doesn't fall out (she seems a little small for it) and don't put the vibrate on (still just a little too scary) she can manage not to cry for at least 5 minutes. Picture proves it (that mouth is a cry of, "does this go faster" not, "oh my God get me out")

We went for our first walk yesterday and tested out our pram. After saying I had read the instructions and figured out how to use it whilst waiting for Mabel to be born I really felt the pressure. Luckily I managed to give the impression of someone half capable. Mabel really enjoyed her first walk (she didn't even open one eye) and equally revelled in the farm shop visit for lunch (again, not so much as a whisper).
It was very surreal seeing Gaz and Colin pushing prams, how / when did this all happen?

Today we had a visit from Amy and Matt who brought Mabel the really thoughtful present of a memory box. She has a magazine so that she can look back in years to come at the fashions as well as a cd with the song at number one when she was born.
Unfortunately that song was Bruno Mars with the hit, 'Grenade'. Neither Gaz nor I know what that is now, there is no hope for us as cool parents in the future. Amy had tried to see if the number one album was any better since, "I can't see Bruno being a musical legend in years to come" - no me neither. And the album was Bruno too, dam it.
Talking of legendary they also brought us one of Matt's banana loaf cakes...our kind of visitors!

And finally we had the midwife today so Mabel had another weigh in. She was 10g off being back to her birth weight, that's our girl. I was changing her nappy as Julie arrived so took the opportunity to ask her about nappy rash. As I picked up her legs to show her bum to both Julie and the student nurse she did a hiccup which made her do a huge trump (Granny's genes?) which then followed through into a tornado poo. Somehow, and I really don't know how, it got right the way up to the top of my leg and all the way down my front. Who on earth can poo that far??? Her face was not unlike this one here...not such a good look.

They do say babies look like little old people. Another below, just to end on a high...

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