Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sunshine makes me smile...

The last few days have brought just a hint of springtime weather and I realised how much a bit of sunshine can lift your mood. I immediately start thinking of warm summer weekend evenings, glass of cold white wine in hand, sat out chatting in what will be our newly sorted garden (we've not been up there since October, it is going to be bleak).

With that in mind I photographed in the sunshine a couple of the gorgeous outfits that we have had bought for Mabel for when she is a bit bigger. A little Monsoon outfit from the Mackies (you can never go wrong with anything Monsoon, we also have a beautiful little denim dress from Phil and Claire).

And then these absolutely fab swimmers from Kerry. They were bought from a shop in Didsbury which is also online

I expressed some milk for the first time today ready for a break from the night shift. After struggling to put the pump together (it was admittedly very easy but when I saw that the instructions had more than 3 steps my shutters went down. I tried to recruit G Kisby to help but he insisted that I stopped being ridiculous and did it myself. I think I was on dodgy ground since when he took in some forms to register us at the doctors this week they were so badly completely that they (as in the receptionist and himself) decided they needed to be ripped up and started again. I tried to blame baby brain but he knows me too well and replied that my issue was nothing to do with the baby and more to do with my low boredom threshold and not reading things properly. Too true.

Anyway, oh my God what the hell happens to your nipples when in that thing. I have never seen them get so far away from my body. I was seriously concerned that they may never go back to normal. In the corner of my eye I could see the look on G Kisby's face and it was one of horror. I have never felt so unattractive. The main thing is though that G Kisby can now feed his little girl which I am sure he is looking forward to immensely since I am the tired one and he is ready and raring to go...

Taken at approximately 8.30pm...

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  1. tee you know, Cleggy can usually be relied upon to tell the absolute truth when asked (leading to some tricky conversations over the years!!!) but I clearly remembering him struggle to repsond when I was using such a machine, well over 10 years ago, me on the settee, nipple in the middle of the room, when I asked if something so bovine made me less attractive.
    Think he may have said something like 'Mmmmm, not less attractive...just different'

    It is revolting, and clearly designed by a man in order to make it as difficult as possible to pass over night time duties!!

    Unfortunatly for them, by this stage you will do ANYTHING, including puppetry of the nipple, in order to pass the responsibility over to someone else for a change.

    Love it,
    fee x


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