Monday, 7 February 2011

Mabel visits the Hudd!

Today Mum and I ventured into Huddersfield for our first trip out with Mabel. We delayed slightly to get her fed before leaving the house so that we were set up for success, so to speak.
I learnt a number of new things which had never occured to me before, such as the fact that stairs are an issue with a pram, 'mother and baby' parking spaces are a joy and it is best to continue reading to the end of the pram instructions for the bit which shows you how to put on the rain cover (yes thats right, it rained, we couldn't get it on, we had to just place and hold it on the top to stop Mabel getting drenched).

But all went well, we had a lovely home made scone and coffee, bought a couple of things then head home.
Unfortunately it all then went slightly wrong as I somehow reversed our new family saloon into the house (it now needs a new bumper, what the hell is wrong with me) and we had some further projectile vomit which meant a change of clothes for both parties.
I was upset about the car but have since been given a stern word about it only being a tin box and keeping perspective - the most important thing is obviously that Mabel is o.k. Once I had got past the car damage I then became more obsessed with the fact that I had checked the car before checking on Mabel and that I was a bad mother.
Luckily neurotic parent has now moved on and let it go!

And finally for today, I think our baby has the start of teeth. Not proper teeth but from what I can see there are two tiny white spots on her bottom gum. G Kisby claims I am making it up but today Mum mentioned that she saw the same. Maybe I've got an excuse for my sore nipples???

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  1. Apparantly babies can be born with teeth - though you can't be serious that it's the cause of your soreness? she's not got a full set of gnashers chomping on your nips!!!
    Love the fact that you checked the car before mabel AND the house! Thank goodness Granny wasn't standing behind the car.....
    (what the hell's wrong with you???? it's a real life disease called 'baby brain'. fee x


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