Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cheese and wine night!

Tonight we are having a cheese and wine night, consisting of all the forbidden cheeses during pregnancy. A baked camembert and stilton amongst others, crusty bread, olives, crisps and a large glass of red wine. Mmmm healthy.

We have had a few more visitors at the end of this week which has been lovely, I've never been so popular (think it may be something to do with Mabel?) Granny Babs was 'released' from jury service on Friday so came on a trip over. Whilst here she did our entire ironing pile, apparently she really likes ironing, brilliant (no, she cannot be hired out and yes, I am aware how lucky I am to have such a lovely mother in law).  Aunty Vicky and Uncle Dave then popped round today for some soup and a cuddle - again Mabel not me, that would be a little odd.

We also went to our first 'baby' group on Friday at a church hall just down the road. A couple of the NCT girls were there and it was nice to meet some other mums. Only thing was that at the end we formed a circle and sang some songs. I have to admit I couldn't do it. I tried but the words to 'twinkle twinkle' just wouldn't come out my mouth. All I could think of was Gaz's reaction if he'd been there and when my life turned so bizarre. When I admitted this to Babs she suggested she could get me a CD of childrens songs to help. I think she thought I meant I didn't know the words. Couldn't really explain that the issues were much deeper rooted.

We have a few jobs on this weekend including a big clean, choosing a middle name for Mabel (I know, we are a nightmare, no child benefit amongst other things till we decide) and sorting out the now huge pile of post / cards / bills etc that has been growing in 'that drawer' in the kitchen for a few weeks.

Mabel is growing every day. There was a brand new newborn at the baby group and Mabel just looked huge next to her already. Here she is after another successful bath night and some tummy massage (I say successful, she was really enjoying it until she relaxed so much that a huge poo suddenly came out and we had to abort the mission pretty swiftly at which point she was not happy):

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  1. Oooh, glad you covered Mabel's mary there - was worried as I scrolled down!
    The thought of you singing in a circle really made me chuckle. I think it gets easier when the baby becomes aware of the singing and likes you joining in...when said baby is but three weeks old it's a bit weird (/pointless!!)

    Don't worry, after a few months of losing keys (/purse/glasses/phone/car/baby)and singing in circles you'll wonder how you ever held down a job!
    fee x

    (brought to mind the baby group in Modern Family, had another little chuckle)


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