Sunday, 6 February 2011

Maternity leave starts as paternity leave ends!

So tomorrow feels like the start of my actual maternity leave, time away from work with a real baby. Unfortunately it is also the end of G Kisby's paternity leave and I'm not sure which one of us is going to find it hardest. As you can see Mabel has become very attached to her Daddy and vice versa (though she did projectile vomit onto his t-shirt after this photo was taken).

Obviously I would much rather that Gaz never went back to work but since I know he has to I am looking forward to getting into some routine. I've been looking into the sort of classes we can attend like baby yoga and aqua babies. I also have visitors and visiting planned for most days so it's not like we will be stuck for things to do. However, I haven't been out on my own yet with wee Mabel so that will be a bit weird and no doubt involve some drama. When going out for a walk to the farm shop for lunch with Col and Kate I didn't even think to take the changing bag. Luckily G Kisby was there to pick it up. It's that kind of thing that worries me!

Mum is over tomorrow for moral support on my first day (and I'm sure because she wants to see Mabel) so we will head into Huddersfield to do a few errands and maybe have a coffee in M&S. How bad can it be...???

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  1. beautiful that a wee tear I see in Gaz's eye? fee x


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