Thursday, 3 February 2011

Baby carrier fun!

Day 9 and still going o.k. Yesterday we had Amy, Neil and Imogen (NCT friends) round to compare birth stories and generally reassure each other that everything happening was normal. Mabel, although born slightly later, was clearly much chunkier with little chubby arms. Amy had a small issue with lack of breast milk so was encouraging me to feed myself up - I would normally say this wasn't a problem but despite being more thirsty breastfeeding I am really finding I can't eat a full meal and in fact even left some cereal the other day, unheard of.

Over tea time Mabel was incredibly fractious and we worried the honeymoon period was over. Not sure if it was the fact that we tried her in the bouncer which appeared to terrify her. In fact last night was the best yet on the sleep front (funny how small amount of trauma tires out a baby). I managed 4 full hours before getting up and another 3 this morning - funny how the smallest things become so important with a newborn. I will take a difficult evening for a good nights sleep any day. Did I mention night sweats? Happening every night, must look up whether this is a common issue...

Yesterday I ordered a baby carrier from a company based in Huddersfield, apparently run by sisters (which of course means I am a big fan):

The website really doesn't do them justice. One of the girls from NCT had one last time we met up and basically it goes on just like a wrap over top then baby slips inside. It isn't nearly as bulky as a proper baby carrier (which we do have for when she gets a bit older and we go on a walk etc) so can be used just to nip into the shops or for when she is particularly pesky and needs to be held whilst doing other jobs. If I was a baby I think I'd like to be wrapped up warm in a carrier like this!
It also doubles up as a feeding top which can be used to pop your baby inside when feeding in public. I do need to remember that not everyone is comfortable with me whopping out my boobs - although I am obviously fully prepared for the day that someone tells me I shouldn't be doing it!

Katie, Colin and their boys are over today so we are going to debut the pramette. Just need to work out how to get it past the cars on the drive first...

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