Friday, 11 February 2011

What a week...

So much so that haven't even had a chance to blog. How on earth does a 2 week old take up so much time?

Following the tears of Monday afternoon and the 'car incident' we have had good and bad days. On Tuesday angelic baby was taken on a trip to visit Amy (NCT friend) for coffee then around Asda to do a big shop. All went swimmingly.

On Wednesday little monster baby was in town and the afternoon in particular was spent pacing the floor to try and get her to sleep. The sling worked well but then caused me issues since I was limited as to what I could do with her being carried around. When G Kisby eventually got home (it felt like forever) I uttered the words, "I think you should be the house husband, I will go back to work tomorrow". Mabel obviously awaited his arrival then slept soundly for the evening making me look like an absolute drama queen.

Thursday brought back the angel and we had a lovely day with Granny and Auntie Fee in Manchester. We bought gorgeous fabric to make curtains for her room (will photo once we've made, Mum is teaching me) had lunch in Waitrose cafe and coffee and cake from Barbikan in Chorlton. I breastfed in public for the first time in Waitrose cafe. It was a good place to start since as Fee said, "you'd probably be asked to leave for using a bottle in Waitrose and the service is so good they will probably offer to hold your boob for you". It was absolutely fine. See below Fee trying to educate Mabel on where she should be shopping in future (I did remind her that under the circumstances she will have to be an Asda girl). 

Mum also changed her nappy on her knee in public at the table, don't think I'll be trying that one anytime soon considering every other one covers me in wee. We also popped in to meet her other cousins and Uncle Mark and Auntie Janet on the way home. As always, Janet had bought lovely thoughtful gifts for her, including a black and white cow toy which is now hanging over the moses basket which she is mesmerised by. 

Then finally today was a mixture of both angelic and monster baby. This morning I had to go for a walk to retain sanity since nothing else would calm her down. We also had a nappy incident which led to a full change of clothes and almost real tears, which made me feel sad. So sad that I offered up a nipple in condolence which she gladly sucked on for comfort (yep, I got played again and lost the power battle). However, this afternoon was much better and she is currently happily sat in her bouncer allowing me to blog whilst drinking a large glass of wine, my first proper glass in 9 months. It tastes amazing despite me having a very sore throat.
Mabel is getting much more alert all the time which is just lovely.

When awake and happy she is really starting to focus and she is awake much more every day. Not too long now until we get a smile...

And that was our week. First one complete without G Kisby and without too much drama. I've learnt a few things:
- You need to keep busy and get out the house to retain sanity
- I am in a power battle with a 2 week old which is currently pretty evenly split. Fee has given me a new mantra about retaining control
- When you are breastfeeding you can completely justify cake

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  1. beautiful picture of Mabel with eyes open (have yet to witness this!)
    In the one of me outside Waitrose it looks like I'm doing a little jig (was I?)

    Now, I know we're all different...but as the baby blues are starting to settle a common feeling for me around three weeks was " what the hell have we done?" mixed with a couple of "we've made a big mistake"'s. Best warn Gaz to get his responses ready....
    fee x


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