Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A week of fun!

We were back in work today after a week of fun. I did try to have full on holiday blues last night(last holiday before baby comes) but Gary gave me short shrift, passed me a big bowl of cereal and turned on XFactor double bill from the weekend, which did help considerably.

So G Kisby is officially the big 30. He appears to have absolutely no issue with it whatsoever (possibly because he does appear to be looking younger than me, not helped by my major acne issues). He was treated to a 'Magical Mystery Tour' which started in Liverpool at Hope St Hotel - where this picture was taken. We had a fantastic meal with Fee & Al including champagne in the room and a very funny incident involving a cake. This was followed by 2 nights on the Welsh coast (near Harlech) in a lovely wee barn. Walks on the beach, tea and scones, a visit to Harlech castle and dvds snuggled up on the sofa.
Finally the week ended with 3 nights in Anglesey with our friends. Unbelievably we had weather which allowed cricket on the beach, fish and chips sat outside and a ride on The Milton's boat. Alongside some organised fun (from my good self) and a great pub 5 mins down the lane, what else could be added to make the perfect birthday.

So I haven't blogged all week but I don't feel bad. One last mini trip with it being just the 2 of us and we enjoyed every single minute...

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