Saturday, 4 September 2010

Time to shop..

So I went for a walk on my lunch today around the retail park near work to find some more maternity wear. I have been thinking that looking cool and pregnant is not a common sight and I now understand why. Firstly, you don't want to spend too much money for a short amount of time when you aren't actually looking your best (in my case). Secondly, the offer on the high street is really not that great. Tends to be but one stand of options, including your standard black trouser, jean and a few basic vests. I do realise online would give more in the way of options, but often this does again bring to into play issue one.

Anyhow, the need for maternity wear was fuelled by me naivelly thinking I could still squeeze in a pair of khaki, fully on trend, tapered trousers (you know the type - should be worn with an ankle boot / cut out shoe, vest tucked in and skinny brown belt). I had thought that I could put the vest top over the waist band which would cover my growing, slightly pale bump (since I was already aware that to zip would be a step too far). However a quick glance in the mirror soon made me realise that this was not the right approach. Tapered, when large around the middle, is not a good look. Somewhere between big bird from sesame street (although to be fair that probably gives my legs more credit than they deserve) and a weeble.
Luckily there is a good end to this story, unexpectedly in the form of Dorothy Perkins.
Online there are a few great bargains to be had, including a nice printed dress for £10 and a grey smock dress for work for £20. Free delivery and loved both when they arrived. Definitely worth a look and in the mean time I am going to continue searching for maternity wear which is worth buying!

Happy days...for now...

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