Wednesday, 15 September 2010

All is well in there

Yey so scan day finally arrived. Had real nervous tummy before we left but felt better as soon as we met our sonographer who was lovely.
We were 20mins early (which I find really irritating) so played a game of speed eye spy to keep us busy (once we had exhausted the collection of good housekeeping mags from the 80's). I think I won but we are still debating it today since apparently play was abandoned which means it is a draw, the debate rolls on. To be fair I do always think I win.
The sonographer was training up a midwife to do scans so talked a lot about what she could see. I had to go and empty my bladder when we started since baby was all curled up - there isn't a lot of room in there. Had a slightly awkward moment in the toilets when found there wasn't any toilet paper so had to waddle my way over to the hand towel dispencer and then work through a dilemma about where you put the used towel. All whilst trying to be quick since I knew 3 people were sat in the room next door waiting for me. I also jumped up and down a bit to try and get him to move position.

He did stretch out slightly when I went back so she was able to see all the bits. It is absolutely amazing how you can see the 4 ventricles of the heart and all the organs. He kept stretching his neck back and yawning. At one point he was putting his foot to his mouth - flexibility clearly runs in the family. He was sleepy for most of the time so we were in there for a decent time whilst she tried to manouvre him around to see everything she needed to check. Eventually he rolled over and she got a good shot of his spine. I was amazed at how much you can actually see.
Anyway everything she checked was fine which is such a relief, and apparently he was the exact size he should be at this stage (which is good since although I am revelling in retaining my pre pregnancy body from behind, I did worry slightly that it might be at the expense of him actually having any room to grow).
We went out for dinner to celebrate - any excuse for G Kisby and I am so easily swayed.
Picture below of Mav at 21 weeks and 3 days. Not as good as the first one but you can see his hand and his face more clearly than last time...

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