Saturday, 11 September 2010

Not again with the cramp..

Third night on the row now I have woken with cramp in my right calf. Unfortunately due to the fuss I make when this happens, G Kisby has also been woken and on one occasion recruited to help me get rid of it. Very strange.
I have looked it up and apparently it can be due to a lack of magnesium in your diet, or potentially calcium (although the actual advice on this is really mixed and I'm not sure that they know). Am hoping it doesn't continue or I'll ask my midwife about getting hold of some magnesium tablets. I do still have a craving for cold milk so maybe it is something to do with calcium..although sour fizzy sweets continue to be an absolute addiction so maybe not.

And as for GKFC - brilliant. Can definitely recommend it. Not quite the real thing - we decided a tad too much salt and one herb was too prominent, but really close. Make sure you do the double dip so the coating is really thick, then it peels off it bits, just like the real thing. Yum!

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