Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Just a little bit paranoid...

Yesterday had a slight stomach ache all day which made me a little worried. Didn't feel like a 'baby' ache (and G Kisby did reassure me by describing a 'run' to the toilet he had experienced) but it worried me all the same. It also appeared to get better when I took off my tights - turns out you do need maternity tights if you still want to breathe after all (more later).

Anyhow today I realised that aside from some slight movements last night I hadn't felt anything from Maverick. And this went on all morning. By lunchtime I was convinced that something was wrong and felt distracted from getting anything done, despite having loads on. In true Bryce doom fashion I was reprimanding myself for getting too attached too soon, giving our bump a name, telling too many people etc etc. But most of all I did just feel a bit sad.
However, hopefully I was being just a little bit paranoid since whilst sitting in a long meeting this afternoon I did feel a few wriggles. Nothing very strong but definitely something - big relief.
It is difficult to know at 20 weeks whether you should rely on feeling movements but when you do most days it is hard not to worry when it all goes quiet. All I could find on the internet was around getting used to your babies kicking routines from 28 weeks as a good measure that everything is going well.
Will feel much happier once we have had our scan, a week to go x

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