Friday, 17 September 2010

A cocktail you say?

We have our lovely friends 'The Miltons' round for dinner tonight, it is a Friday and I had a twice as long as expected journey home from Lutterworth on the M1 - all of which leads to me crave a large cold glass of white wine. Hmmm I can almost taste it!

So to save myself (don't get me wrong a small glass will be had with dinner, but in the meantime) I bought a nice sparkling raspberry drink from Co-op on the way home.
It surprises me that there isn't more on offer to drink which is low or no alcohol. Well actually it doesn't, but if there was I would be first in the queue.

There are a few good websites that describe 'mocktails' which are both delicious and non alcoholic. Website below has some good tips: There is also a good book, "Preggatinis" by Natalie Boris-Nelson. We tested one which contained milk and fresh orange juice. Sounds horrendous but was actually lovely and good for you (I can't get enough milk so I might be biased)

Another gem of a find is an M&S non alcoholic apple beer. Brewed from hops (so it does taste quite beer like) it also comes in a bottle with a screw top. So from not liking beer previously (I do like an ale for the record) I am now a big fan. I haven't found anything similar elsewhere so am planning to stock up next time we pass.

Here's to an evening of raspberry fizz (that's unless G Kisby doesn't turn his back long enough for me to sneak a small shot of vodka in this bad boy... now that's more like it!)

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  1. hi nelly i am really enjoying you blog so far. hope to see you soon lots of love kendal xx


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