Thursday, 9 September 2010

Not a good look!

My latest purchase on the clothing front has been a bikini. It is o.k. Nothing glam, black with a small white polka dot, shorts and a tankini style top. Mothercare £22. I had to do this for the following reason.
Up until this week, for our usual 'twice weekly before work' trip to the pool, I had been forcing my now much larger boobs into my normal bikini. Yes o.k so they bulged out the sides but I genuinely thought I could get away with it for a while (if not forever?) since the material stretched over my bump. However, the other day I needed a wee slightly more urgently than normal so had to go straight from the pool rather than after I was dressed. Now this is never a good thing in itself since when you're wet water drips all over the seat, your toilet paper gets sodden when trying to wipe and it somehow feels wrong to then pull up your soggy bikini bottoms. But that, I was to find, was the least of my worries. Since, whilst walking out of the toilets I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror from behind. In my efforts to keep my modesty at the front I had failed to consider the back, and there it was staring at me...a bum crack.
I have been walking round the side of the pool and getting in/out with half my bum showing.

So that was that. Maternity swimmers had to be bought. My new ones are now a little on the big side so I have to swim fast to catch them up as they float off my body. The drama of going for a quick swim...

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