Monday, 28 November 2011

No time like 10 months!

So the last few weeks have been a bit hectic.

I had yet another tummy bug (luckily Mabel and G Kisby were fine) which led to my usual teary trips to the toilet (I am incredibly bad at being sick, it makes me panic leading to G Kisby rubbing my hand whilst telling me to calm down - I can almost imagine the eye rolling behind my head. I certainly would have been doing so at the drama I make of it).

We have had pretty busy weekends involving some splendid sunday lunches and excellent company.

And G Kisby has been working lots on his assignment for uni - in true student style he has left it to the last minute to write.

Oh and not forgetting the ongoing moustache growth, ooooooh it is really freaking me out now.

Mabel is clearly not impressed and this photo was about a week ago. It has got worse.

The other day he asked me to lick his moustache. I think I was a little bit sick in my mouth. I don't think there will be many babies born in August.

Oh and Mabel turned a big 10 months old. She is becoming funnier and more strong willed by the day. I find myself employing the 'chop' to get her in the car seat / pram / high chair on a daily basis. In fact when at the Trafford Centre last week, due to the very public nature of the screaming, I did give in and try to carry her whilst pushing the pram. After a few minutes of getting no where fast I suddenly asked myself what the hell I was doing and regained control. A short tantrum later she was back in the pram (probably thinking, "hmm, I will let her win that battle but let's see who wins the war).

She copies you with "uh deee" (oh dear) and "aaaa ioooo" (a'tish'oo) and a personal favourite 'm, m, m'
"Ahh look babe, she is trying to say Mummy"
"Yeah. Or maybe 'more'?" he kindly suggested as she lurched towards the spoon with a wide open mouth.

She will point to lots of the right pictures if asked when reading a book (pussy cat is a favourite) and the flamin' Vtech walker continues to be her favourite toy. We did have a small face plant into the wall incident leading to our first blood whilst it was in use. It was absolutely nothing to do with a lack of supervision should G Kisby ask.

And as always, we wonder where on earth 10 months has gone...


  1. I just laughed at G Kisby asking you to lick his moustache, and your response, and laughed out loud and woke the Prince.
    I am holding you responsible. Yes, you!!!!
    I hate being sick too, it's awful. Muchos sympathy and hope you are better now?
    Mabel is a gorgeous little girl. Love her happy face!
    x x x

  2. that moustachio is freaking me out too. Just remind him that you'll have your own in about...mmmmm, 10 years time, and he can lick that!!!
    fee x

  3. Hahaha every time I read about 'The Chop' I have a good chuckle... I have to perform this move many times a day as well. Rose HATES being put in her highchair, even when she's Desperate for her food! As soon as I hand her something to eat she completely forgets that she's sat in her highchair though... easily pleased!

    Rose has one of those walkers too.. she's fascinated by it! No bloody incidents yet though... although we had her first bloody nose when she face planted into the coffee table about a month ago. Ouch!!

    I can't believe they'll be a year old soon!

    Ashley xxx

  4. Thank goodness it's December and the mo' can go! Men all over Australia look ridiculous in November too! Hehehe, I can't believe he asked you to lick it. Priceless.

    Ten months is my favourite age. My little man's development is out of control!


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