Thursday, 10 November 2011


So G Kisby is sporting a moustache to raise money for Movember. I am all in favour since it is a great cause (supports mens health charities like Prostate Cancer) but lets face it, it looks terrible. Like some sort of 70's pxxn star. This picture was a week ago, it is far worse now. And according to G Kisby this morning, it might need some wax (OMG does that boy need any more excuses to buy products?)

"Do you not think I look like Tom Cruise with his moustache?"
"Erm, don't remember him having one?"
"In Top Gun?"
"...nope don't recall one?"
Strange how you can make yourself believe anything isn't it. Like when you go to the hairdressers, as I did last week, with a picture and say, "I want my hair to look like this?"
What you really mean is, "I want to me to look like this"
Funnily enough I was disappointed!

G Kisby was wrong on two counts.

Tom Cruise didn't really have a moustache in Top Gun (correct me if I am wrong - turns out he is quite handsome here, or maybe it is just the whole fighter pilot thing?)

Secondly, who is he kidding, Tom Cruise in Top Gun was about 18.

Couldn't in fact find a picture of TC ever having a moustache so I had to improvise.

See the resemblance?

No me neither.

For those who haven't heard this story, G Kisby 'claims' that on a number of occasions random strangers have approached him to ask if he was TC. Once in Starbucks in Manchester (because TC would be just popping in for a coffee), once in a slightly dodgy greasy cafe (begs the question what he was doing there in the first place) and apparently on a couple of other slightly less than clear times. 

I was never there.

Make of that what you will...


  1. too funny. you did pick the picture where G Kisby looked LEAST like TC though. Not suggesting he does EVER look like him....but...

    Someone asked me the other day if I was cameron Diaz.
    fee x

  2. Hahaha Ray is doing the same thing!
    He has Scottish genes in him though and the moutache is turning out to be Very ginger!! Quite embarrassing when I have to be seen out and about with him.. haha, plus is just too bristly and horrible.
    I agree with the 70's pXXn star thing though!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Actually I do see a very vague kidding. The eyes I think.
    Hee hee for Movember. It does maketh me laugh.
    Tell G Kisby (where does THIS name come from btw?) that someone came up to me in Waitrose this morning and asked if I was Mr Tumble.


  4. LMAO - too funny. My OH is doing Movember, some people mistakenly think I am too! x

  5. Andrew would love to grow a moustache for Movember but he can't get past a thick bristle - he's gutted about it. I am relieved - Andrew would grow a comedy tash and be even more embarrassing in public than he already is. Ha!

    Don't tell G Kisby but I can see a slight resemblance to TC.

    Laughed at Fee's comment. Love you sisters, you make me laugh.

    Nicki xx

  6. I think Tom Cruise had a moustache in "Born on the fourth of July", and there certainly is a resemblance there alright! Bea.


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