Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'Sick' of nursery

So no one told us about nursery sickness. Pretty much ever since Mabel started nursery (a month ago already) she has had a full on cold...or an ear infection...or a tummy bug.
In fact I don't think there has been a day she hasn't woken up with snot dried all over her face.

We almost didn't send her again today since she had a temperature when I collected her last night and wasn't great first thing. But we dosed her up with our trusty friend (calpol IS our friend, even the doctor told me so, grrr to the midwife who told us to try and avoid it) and she got through the day.

I just feel really sorry for her and a bit of that old guilt thing about sending her in when clearly her immune system has only just started to recover by the Sunday. Apparently in time her immune system will get stronger and this will be less of a problem, I really hope so.


On a slightly more light hearted note I texted G Kisby this morning, whilst sat in the car waiting for her to wake up so I could take her into nursery, suggesting he text Radio 2 for the chance to win some tickets for Chris Evans dine and disco as part of Children in Need.
"Text DISCO to this number babe, we might win tickets" I sent across by text.
"Is that definitely the right number?" came the response.
I checked.
"Oh no, sorry I've given you one of the digits wrong" I replied
"Good o. I appear to have just text Disco Gary to a gay dating number and if I just send my DOB they will get me set right up."

Uh oh.
Of all the things to text - disco. Love it!


  1. Ha ha ha!!! Just laughed out loud!!

    Nicki x

    (My sister went through exactly the same thing with my niece - she was always picking up bugs... all three of them, sis, brother in law and niece seemed to be constantly ill. Oh well, hopefully Mabel's immune system will be super-hero strength when she's older...)

  2. LMAO at that text story, did he sign up?

    Poor Mabel, hope she's over the worst of her nursery bug catching. x

  3. Oh, that's so mean that no-one told you how sick they get when they start creche. My oldest was sick on and off the entire first year - and the most annoying thing was my husband and I both got some of the nastier ones. But, it did mean he wasn't sick at all this year.

    Just found you and have to follow - my son's birthday is January 24, 2011!


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