Monday, 5 December 2011

A green bean you say?

So a couple of nights ago I wake to hear Mabel coughing. Now this is not unusual, she is always coughing, but it was a particularly loud and continuous coughing fit. So much so that I eventually nipped through to check on her since it was becoming more like a choking sound.I went in and gave her a cuddle whilst rubbing her back.
A couple of big coughs later and something came out onto my shoulder before she snuggled her head into my neck and fell back asleep.

After putting her back in bed, half asleep and in semi darkness I removed what I thought was a big bit of phlegm from my top and popped it onto her chest of drawers thinking that maybe I should check it looked normal in the morning.

The next day I took it through to G Kisby who was getting ready in the bathroom,
"Look at came out last night. How horrible, a dried up bit of phlegm"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah it came out last night during a coughing fit"
"Babe, that is very clearly a green bean"

On second inspection it was indeed very clearly a green bean. Someone in nursery needs to learn to chop. God knows where she had been hiding that all day. Probably in the same place she likes to store an entire loaf of bread.
How annoying, to wake in the night and find you have a flamin green bean tickling your throat. What are the chances.

We have also had a sudden
 'talking' surge in the past week. 'Hiya' is now repeated to the extent that I am pretty sure she has no idea what it means. And perhaps more worryingly she does a good rendition of 'dirty'. Don't judge me, the pram wheels that she was trying to suck at the time really were dirty.

I asked G Kisby if 'hiya' counted as her first word?
"Ah really? I'm gonna go for no. I think it is just a sound" came the reply

In other words, let's hold out for a better one. She will be about 3 and asking,
"Hiya, why the hell is the pram in the house, the wheels are clearly dirty"

And we will still be holding out for something a little more profound!


  1. Seriously? A green bean? That's so frightening. And annoying for her!

    Yep, 'hiya' definitely counts as the first word. Isn't it exciting!? Though I have to say we were desperate for our first to start talking and now he does not stop. But profound really doesn't take that long. You just have to trust they know what they're talking about.

  2. Poor Mabel, must've bean (sorry!) uncomfortable to say the least.

    Love that chatty stage where they're copying every sound, be careful what you say from now on! x


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