Thursday, 2 February 2012

Just a year ago...

The laptop battle has been won, well actually lost in that we ended up admitting defeat and getting a new one. So you would think I could get back to blogging. Well apparently it is not just my laptop causing me problems. Twice using the new laptop I have gone to save and lost all that I have written. To my complete frustration and disappointment. On one occasion I announced to G Kisby that I was never going to blog again (‘glad you are being so reasonable’ he responded, dam him and his rightness). So I am still feeling a little disillusioned with it all at the moment but desperately don’t want to miss logging such a key event in our lives so hopefully this at least works….

Has anyone got any idea who/how you contact google about blogger issues? I keep getting an error message when I go to post with a reference code but despite having visited the forums/ contact the help options I don't get anywhere.... argh! Surely there is someone you can email?

Anyway, no pictures, since error message still flashing up every few minutes so not sure this is going to work...
Post written last week, Wednesday 25th Jan!

A year ago today…

We were just starting out on our crazy journey of parenthood. It has undoubtedly been the craziest, happiest (most of the time), hardest (some of the time) most amazing year of our lives.

Our baby turned one today so we were both on holiday from work to spend the day as a family.
We had a very enjoyable pub lunch (o.k maybe that part was more for us) followed by a great time at a local play centre. Mabel was treated with her favourite fish pie dinner and some highly non nutricious chocolate mousse.
This evening we reminisced about how our lives had changed and whether we had indeed parented the way we envisaged all those months ago. The ‘bubble’ of the those first few months, the constant walking to get her to sleep even just for half an hour in the day, giddiness when she started smiling, lying on the bed willing her to roll over for the first time, the mornings with her lay on my knee in bed whilst I ate cereal and chatted to her about the day ahead, her asleep on my chest whilst I wrote blog posts, first learning to turn pages and actually enjoy a book…too many memories to mention"MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt;">
And at one year old what is our gorgeous girl doing?

And yes I think we have parented the way we hoped. We undoubtedly over stimulate, probably over indulge, never without the best of intentions. But we also support each other in making joint decisions about her life, agree on our limits and how to manage the challenging times, talk about what is important.

Aside from our family day out we have also celebrated her birthday with a joint swim party with our friends whose twins turned one the same week, a play date with her NCT baby friends and a small family party on Sunday (a separate post to follow...hopefully).

And at one year old what is our gorgeous girl doing?

Well she walked a few steps on Monday night but has done nothing since. She continues to amaze us with her attempts at talking – ‘a poo’, ‘sit?’ (what is it?) and climbing.
Everythi-language: EN-GB;">Right the error message is driving me mad, I am off to try a few more email addresses to get this fixed!


  1. those error messages make me laugh - I spent five (precious) minutes trying to work out what you were trying to say (thinking you were speaking street!!!)
    Can't believe our mabel is one - you are great parents...but then, you do have most excellent role models!
    fee x

  2. Happy Birthday Mabel! Can't believe she's one already. Hope you get your blogger issues sorted out soon, must be super frustrating! x


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