Sunday, 8 January 2012

A big fat Christmas catch up

Due to some very frustrating laptop issues (still just hoping we can retrieve our photos, back them up, do it now!) here is a great big, late, picture-less Christmas catch up. Including Mabel turning 11 months old and an older post previously on decorating the tree.

We spent Christmas morning at home, Mabel had yet another virus which meant she didn't fancy opening any presents or eating pancakes for breakfast, we very much ate enough for her and indeed the entire country. Then suitably dressed in a red outfit, Mabel that is, we headed over to Manchester where we stayed in / took over Grannies house for the rest of the week (thanks Mum).

I discovered that some of the Christmas excitement from your own childhood is reignited upon becoming a parent. Opening their presents is as exciting as if they were your own, I took in the twinkling lights as if seeing through her eyes for the first time and they were all the more bright. I can't wait for such times as staging, sorry, welcoming a visit from Santa.

We received gorgeous presents; books, clothes, a bag for nursery (auntie Fee nearly crashed the car when I told her that once I took spare clothes in a carrier), her first doll (currently sporting a scratch from being thrown across the room, hoping empathy kicks in any time), bath toys and messy play stuff. Great food ( the legendary boxing day ham stepped up a gear with home made coleslaw & pickles), great drinks (2011 saw the return of the snowball, yum) and great company, lots to be very grateful for.

We returned to Hudds for New Year and as usual splashed out on good food and champagne. One of G Kisbys resolutions is to live for the moment and stop hoarding i.e You shouldn't die with champagne in the fridge. So we glugged Bolinger and due to a distinct lack of drinking throughout the previous year both then sat on the sofa struggling to stay awake. Party!!! We made 11.15- said with genuine amazement. And we also made some resolutions for 2012...

One of them was the vague and top line, 'be more organised'- as I said, too much alcohol.

I'll post them on the blog when we get round to deciphering what they actually are...ah the irony!

Oh and in the middle somewhere our baby turned 11 months old. She is attempting loads of new sounds, in fact she doesn't shut up. Think she has realised she needs to keep going to get a word in edgeways. She will stand on her own but so far no steps without the aid of a walker. Opening and closing are her favourite games, her fingers have little red marks where I have been too slow to avoid a minor slam. The dishwasher opening is a sound that will have her crawl at speed from anywhere downstairs. Like a hawk. You literally have a minute to load before her pesky little fingers arrive. We finally clap and wave. It just gets more and more fun...


  1. Happy New Year to you all, sounds like you had a fun Christmas :) Haha, we actually made it past midnight on New Year this year!! For once! Hope you get your pictures back soon, I should do a back up on all my stuff really. Jenny xx

  2. Yes we too have the dishwasher race to deal with. Fortunatley Little is very good at restraining Mini to buy me a little time.

    Is there anything more cute than a clapping and waving child who shows such delight on their face at their new skills?


  3. I remember the dishwasher race...WHY is it so inviting?! Can't get the buggers near it now...fee x

  4. Happy New Year! I didn't make it to midnight either although my nine year old son did! Hope you get your pictures restored, nightmare, I'm always backing things up as I'm paranoid they'll disappear (I'm very distrusting of technology but that's probably because I'm old). x


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